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Went to new Pizza Place, Nonnies on the corner of Home and Defenbaugh. Had the Cauliflower/Parmesan crust pizza, very low carb, gluten free. It tasted like regular crust. I actually took it back to be sure it was the cauliflower and not regular crust. It was cauliflower!!! Best Pizza!!! Unbelievable!!!!
- Jeff Newton

My wife has food allergen intolerance & as a result I’ve modified my diet to avoid cross contamination. Oddly, I found some of my health issues cleared up once I aligned more with her diet. Thus, we’re both beyond grateful for your reply as well as your product! We’re looking forward to driving into the city to buy your crusts & enjoy some long overdue pizza! Again, thank you so much!
- Dave & Sheila Chonko

My youngest son, Jackson, was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma nearly 2 years ago. I remember driving home from the pediatricians office thinking “what in the world am I going to feed this child?”. With three boys in the house I couldn’t even imagine eliminating GLUTEN, DAIRY and EGG from our kitchen.
A few months ago, a local deli began carrying Senza Glutine gluten free pizza crusts. After trying them, I was hooked.  This YUMMY gluten free pizza crust instantly became a welcomed staple in our home! No joke, we use the gluten free crust to replace nearly all BREAD items, not just pizza crusts. Jackson has branded them as “his pizza bottoms” to the neighborhood friends and guests. The kids especially like them toasted with sunflower butter and raisins for snack-time. No doubt Senza Glutine is onto something great with their gluten free options. I highly recommend them!
- Polly Heard

I have to say you have made me the happiest pizza consumer. Danny’s Pizza in Bradenton, FL has recently started using your crusts and I am ecstatic! Thank you for creating a crust that doesn’t leave me feeling slighted. Anyone else in my area using your products? I am itching for a decadent dessert.
- Julie Oliszewski

Absolutely the best pizza crust I’ve had! It’s so good, I couldn’t even tell that it was gluten free!
- T. Wainscott

We have tried many gluten-free pizza crusts, both mixes and premade crusts. This is definitely my son’s favorite. We bake just the crust for 3 to 4 minutes before adding our sauce and cheese for a little crunchier crust. I also love that these pizza crusts are so convenient to use. They do not need to be refrigerated and don’t take up freezer space. We love this product – thank you so much!
– Tricia

I also had your pizza crust while on vacation in Pompano Beach Florida and it was the best I’ve ever eaten. Can you tell me where I can find it? I live in Sturbridge, MA but actually am going back to Daytona Beach next month – are there any restaurants there that carry it or up where I live or how can I get them to?? Thanks for any information you can give me. I’ve had Celiac for over 20 years and I couldn’t believe what I was eating – AWESOME and congratulations to Heavenly Pizza in Pompano for cooking it just right.
– Linda Cook

WOW! As a mother of a 9 year old daughter with Celiac disease, I am so happy to have found your bread! We recently ate at a small local restaurant in our home town of Calhoun Georgia. My daughter ordered a grilled cheese on one of your hoagie rolls and she said “Wow Mom these are awesome. They taste like real bread”. I make about 90% of my daughter’s bread/muffin/rolls. To know she tasted something that she actually enjoyed-that isn’t homemade-made me so happy! I am VERY interested in purchasing some of your products! Do you sell to the public? I would love to buy a case of hoagies and dinner rolls.

– Mari Fortin

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Senza Glutine In The News!


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